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Staff Profiles

The TCSA Executive Cabinet

The TCSA is a student government program that was established in 2018 by TAV College to give students not only professional experience for their CV and university applications but also, to have a voice in the decision-making process of the TAV College student experience.

The TCSA executive cabinet is the 6-person team behind the operations of the association. "The cabinet" is formed each March via a school-wide vote and the executives are sworn into their positions for a 1-year term.

Profiles: Elected Officials

The President

The president is the chief executive and leader of the student body. In addition to promoting milestones set by the TCSA's strategic plan, which outlines the association's short and long-term goals, the president must also manage the executive members and motivate the team to reach their goals. In addition, the president acts on behalf of the students at TAV College and brings their wants and needs to the attention of the college administration.

Vice President, Communications

The VP of Communications ensures that the student body is up-to-date on all TCSA affairs. Using social media, email marketing, and on-campus signage, the VP of Comms translates the events and projects undertaken by the TCSA into clear and succinct messages.

Vice President, Operations

The VP of Ops is responsible for working in collaboration with their colleagues to find creative and structured solutions in order to greenlight events, projects, and budgets. In addition, the VP is also responsible for working in collaboration with the VP of Comms to solidify the relationship between the TCSA and the student body through dynamic communication and/or community-building projects.

Vice President, Finance

The VP of Finance is responsible for allocating and planning the budget for events and projects, bookkeeping and maintaining an ongoing record of expenses, as well as planning the TCSA budget for the year. In addition, the VP is responsible for preparing quarterly and year-end financial reports.

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Profiles: Non-Elected, Volunteer Staff

Web and Content Manager

In collaboration with the VP of Comms, the Web and Content Manager assists in the TCSA's brand positioning, maintains and updates the TCSA's website, creates content for various social media platforms, and designs the on-campus posters, flyers, brochures, etc. for event announcements.

Operations Coordinator

In collaboration with the VP of Operations, the Ops Coordinator is responsible for assisting the TCSA team with the behind-the-scenes work that is needed in order to execute successful events and projects. Working with event or project plans, the Ops Coordinator will find creative and budget-friendly solutions in order to greenlight the TCSA's student life projects throughout the year.


Volunteers are often called upon to assist in the preparation of events hosted by the TCSA or help out with tasks on the day of events. Volunteers also work closely with the VP of Student Life with various community-building projects in order to make the campus a more inclusive, friendly, and safer environment for all students.

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