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The Election Process

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Before you apply to a position, read the descriptions and determine what best suits your area of expertise.

How can your skills help the TCSA?

Apply Online

Once you have determined which position you will apply for, fill out the online application form.


Each executive positions in the TCSA is elected during the voting period. Each candidate will have 2 weeks to campaign in order to win the most votes.


After the campaign period has finished, all registered TAV College students will be asked to vote for each position in the cabinet. The candidates with the most votes win!

TAV College Students' Association
L'association des étudiants du Collège TAV

How are the TCSA members selected?

The TCSA Executive Cabinet manages the association for one (1) year. The executive members are selected by a vote in which all registered TAV students may vote for the most qualified candidate for each executive position.


Each year, around March, a call for candidate applications is sent to all students. After voting has closed, ballots have been counted, and the team has been formed, next year's team is appointed. Lastly, the current executive members transfer their knowledge and experiences to the team who will be coming in. 

Can anyone apply to the TCSA?

Although preference is given to pre-university students, any TAV student can apply to a TCSA executive position during the call for applications.

Student Paper Writing


Voting will be held in March of each year unless otherwise indicated. All registered TAV College students will have the right to vote.

Voting rules and regulations:

  • All TAV College students shall be able to vote for one (1) candidate per position.

  • Students are only allowed to vote once; if a student votes twice, only their first vote will count, the other will be discarded.

  • Students may only vote using the official voting ballots provided by the TCSA.

  • Voting is open to TAV College students only: TAV teachers and staff or non-registered students are not allowed to vote.

  • A voter must provide their full name, TAV College student ID number and the day they voted in order for their ballot to be accepted. 

    • If this information is not provided on the ballot, the vote will be discarded.

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