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The TCSA is a team of TAV College students tasked with managing the student council for a 1-year term in office.

Their chief objective is to plan events for the student body, help students get funding and guidance for special projects and advocate for changes on campus.

What We Do

Manage Clubs

Clubs are managed and supported by the TCSA team in cooperation with the College. 

Members may join a club, suggest a new club, or get involved as they wish.

Plan Events

The TCSA team meets weekly to plan fun and engaging campus events and/or activities for our community.

Support New Ideas

TAV students are always welcome to share their ideas for special projects that they are interested in starting.

The TCSA may be able to assist with funding and/or guidance in order to get your special project started.

Address Your Needs

One of our chief objectives is to put the needs of students first. As such, the TCSA will always advocate for changes on behalf of the student body.

Special Project Grants

Do you have a project in mind that you'd like to get started? The TCSA may be able to help.

Clubs are an easy and enjoyable method for adding experience to a resume or application and allows you to make long-lasting friends.

General Info Booklet

Download the general information booklet to learn more about the TCSA.


Download the TCSA by-laws to read about the rules and regulations concerning the members and the executive cabinet.

Suggest a New Club

If you have an idea for a new club that isn't yet available, then use this form to put in a suggestion.

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